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Dependable waste and storm water solutions

Dependable waste and storm water solutions from Auckland's top drainlayers

At Arcus Drainage, we believe that what is good for the environment is good for the community. This is why we offer you the very best in ecologically sound drainlaying services and water treatment solutions. When you deal with Arcus Drainage in Auckland, you will enjoy the personal service that only a reputable local company can offer you.
Led by field engineer and certifying drainlayer John, our dedicated team of three drainlayers is here to deliver on every aspect of your project. You can always count on having one point of contact who will lead you through the process from beginning to the end. To discuss your drainage needs, please call Arcus Drainage today.

Our services

Arcus Drainage is the drainlaying division of Arcus Civil and Environmental Construction, a civil engineering company involved in a variety of construction projects. Drainlaying evolved as separate activity for the business more than 10 years ago. Since then we have been involved in all major areas of drainlaying. Arcus Drainage can assist you with:
  • New sewers for subdivisions
  • Residential sewers and storm water disposal for new and existing residential dwellings
  • Domestic and industrial waste water treatment plant maintenance
  • Installation of water tanks for storm water retention
  • Spillways and culverts for natural streams
  • Installation of effluent disposal fields

Water treatment in Auckland
Water pipes in Auckland

Our approach

Our philosophy here at Arcus Drainage is based around a system approach and environmental consciousness. A perfectly functional drain may be useless if we do not look at exactly what is going in and where it goes. We employ a system based approach as a design tool and verification method that allows us to find best solution in today's complicated world.

Environmental considerations are always at the forefront of each project that we undertake. The team at Arcus Drainage is constantly working towards outcomes that are beneficial both for the environment and the people we serve.
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